Saturday, June 12, 2010

Building of Toy Prototype

2nd version Prototype Design

1st version Prototype design.

Motor Driver : Ardumoto from sparkfun

IMU from Sparkfun ADXL320/LISY300AL (3 degree of freedon accelero + gyro)

Microcontroller: Arduino Duemilove 168

Motor: 2 x DC motor and tamiya gear box

ProtoShield (used for prototyping only)

Designing of the prototype and control algorithm

18th May 2010 – 25th May 2010 :

Introduction to DIY PRT

Our project, the DIY Personal Rapid Transport (DIY PRT) system, like the Segway™, is a self balancing, user-ridden, two wheeled electrical vehicle. It serves its purpose as a pedestrian enhancement device to reduce travelling time primarily in urban settings over short or long distances, depending on whatever the user prefers.